Risky Business

August 29th, 2014

I have worked for the Sheffield escort agency for eleven long years and it is time for me to retire finally. The man that was one of my clients actually not only turned into my best friend and lover but we both unexpectedly feel in love. This did not happen over night, it took several years. I am taking the opportunity to settle down now because I am getting older in age and do not want to let this awesome person slip away.

He has a great job and has wined and dined me for years just for my presence. Not too mention he also paid me for the time that I spend with him. The risk that I am taking is not that big of a deal because I can jump right back into the escort service. I have saved money in my bank account and trust funds over the years so I am ok on money for quite some time.

Done with high school girls

August 28th, 2014

I was so excited when I was a senior in high school and got invited to a college party with a couple of my friends. We sat in school all week giggling, bragging and the time was just dragging on and on. All of us guys were sick of the immature girls and wanted to move on to bigger and better things. I told my friends that I would drive my car and we would stay the night and come home in the morning. It seemed like it took forever to get there because it was almost a two hour drive.

When we walked into the house I was quite surprised that there was not one guy attending the party. Once we started talking to the girls we had found out that they are Leeds escorts on the side to get through college. Lets just say that it was one of the most exciting nights in my entire life, even if I went home broke in the morning!